Oshc bookings

We offer a 2 to 3 hour hour sessions depending on the group size.

Wizbang would be closed for your group only and the children will have access to the Playgym, Disco, Black Light Mini golf and receive minimum 1 game Laser Tag.

Groups between 35 children to 50 children will be 2 hour sessions.

Groups between 50 children to maximum 90 children can be either 2.5 or 3 hours.

Cost is $14 per child for groups between 35 to 50 children

51 children and above is $12 per child.

Minimum charge is 35 children and maximum 90 children

Basically after arrival we do a quick rules briefing. Then we put the children into groups for the Laser Tag. If the children are not in the Laser Tag they can move freely between the other attractions.

Please phone or email to arrange a booking or if you require further information.

If you are planning the year going forward.  We are also take bookings for midweek excursions end of school year, class & year level functions.  These can be during school hours and are great for all age group.